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Daily Tarot Affirmation

Six of Swords, Tabula Mundi Tarot

Today, your brain works better than usual. No fuzzy, unclear feelings are clouding your judgement. You see the world objectively, with a cool, detached, logical mind that holds on to no preconceived idea, no theory, no convention. You're able to see a problem, analyze it properly, and find a solution. And it doesn't matter right now at what cost to you, whether for your own advantage or disadvantage.

As humans, we're usually so bound our own point of view that this clarity of mind is a wonderful chance. You can now cut bonds that hold you down - what you don't usually notice. And you can come to revolutionary insights that others never discovered before because of their preconceived notions, yes prejudices. Serene, cool and clear like a fresh and windy day. Make the best use of this day!


written and archived by Nemia