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@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 10:04 am »
A friend brought freshly caught NZ Snapper for me today - two big ones that would have been $100 at least. So, tonight was baked fish and tomorrow is raw fish. DELICIOUS is putting it mildly. Great to be home for a visit.
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 5:21 am »
Full tummy from having Italian tonight with some old and dear friends in NZ! Food at it’s best..
@ Belinda2 « Wed 3:43 pm »
Well where I am I could do a "rain dance" or since it is already raining I guess it would be dancing in the rain
@ Falkor « Wed 2:52 pm »
*random dance of life and spring*
@ Falkor « Mon 2:32 pm »
I see. I am really tempted by some stuff =]
@ CharlotteK « Sun 12:28 pm »
I’ve posted my ’for sale’ list here: viewtopic.php?p=8585#p8585 - if you’re outside EU shipping would probably be prohibitive!
@ Nemia « Wed 4:15 pm »
Tomorrow our Vernal Equinox reading starts! Twelve days of celebrating the spirit of the season. Each day a card. Whether you participated in earlier "signposts of the year" readings or not, you’re welcome!
@ Falkor « Tue 3:30 pm »
p&p is a bitch =[
@ Falkor « Tue 1:57 pm »
to hear*
@ Falkor « Tue 1:55 pm »
CharlotteK I am sorry to gear so. What are you selling?
@ FairyPrincess « Tue 8:20 am »
Yes it’s a good movie for sure :)
@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 7:46 am »
"John Doe" - What a movie and a half! Gee whiz! :clap:
@ tarotbear « Mon 4:44 pm »
It could be a weekly card ...
@ Nemia « Mon 4:34 pm »
Btw, I will change the daily card no longer every day. Too much pressure. I hope you understand. Don’t know whether anyone reads it anyway. I thought it’s a good idea but somehow it doesn’t take off. So I’ll put up a new card every couple of days. Does anyone have a problem with that? I wanted to ask here first ;-)
@ Nemia « Mon 4:32 pm »
Every deck from you is a treasure. I cherish them.
@ Nemia « Mon 4:32 pm »
What decks are you selling????
@ CharlotteK « Mon 3:21 pm »
I am trying to sell in UK and EU Charlie Brown to keep postage costs down. Shipping to USA is horribly expensive.
@ Charlie Brown « Mon 3:13 pm »
Do you have a list?
@ CharlotteK « Mon 1:46 pm »
And boo. I am having to sell some decks :(
@ CharlotteK « Mon 1:45 pm »
Yay. Falkor is back in the house!
@ Falkor « Mon 1:07 am »
(makes a superhero pose*
@ Falkor « Mon 1:07 am »
@ Mageshifter « Fri 1:21 pm »
I think I jot got enabled with the Mystical tarot 0-0
@ Belinda2 « Fri 2:23 am »
loved New Zealand " give it a go"
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 11:40 pm »
@Belinda2 - Tell me about it. Like $5.00 for a decent fish (snapper) with chips and freshly battered. NZ is where I will be and everyday I will indulge in one thing or another....
@ Canid « Thu 5:45 pm »
Well, guess I just learned, eh?
@ Canid « Thu 5:45 pm »
It shows I’m chatting?! I don’t know how to chat!
@ Nemia « Wed 9:14 am »
I really love this tradition of doing a group spread every three months, asking questions about my life, attuned to the seasons and holidays and holy days from many different cultures and traditions.
@ Nemia « Wed 9:13 am »
The more people participate, the more magical is the energy that these spreads generate. That’s why it’s so important to get the spread right.
@ Nemia « Wed 9:12 am »
I put up a tentative first version of a spread for the 12 days of the vernal equinox. Please have a look, give input about the spread and think about a suitable deck....
@ Belinda2 « Tue 4:03 pm »
Mageshifter wrote: fish and ships....mmmmm...
Lenormand style
@ Mageshifter « Tue 1:14 pm »
fish and ships....mmmmm...
@ Belinda2 « Tue 2:11 am »
I do miss Fish and Chips I use to live on New Zealand. They Taste so good and are so inexpensive .
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 11:39 pm »
Next week NZ Fish and Chips, Ezzies, and NZ icecream on a cone dipped in chocolate and nuts! Decadent to a fault.....
@ Charlie Brown « Mon 2:54 pm »
I posted something way down at the bottom of the page in deck production looking for opinions on Game Crafter
@ FairyPrincess « Sat 9:39 am »
thank you gurupcc :)....I will keep that in mind should it happen again!
@ gurupcc « Sat 7:00 am »
FairyPrincess wrote: thanks Charlie :) I did delete the cookies etc but still couldn’t log in or send the mod a message using the contact us form!
I’d faced similar issue a month back. Then Nemia advised me to try Opera (browser) and it worked like a charm.
@ FairyPrincess « Fri 3:07 pm »
thanks Charlie :) I did delete the cookies etc but still couldn’t log in or send the mod a message using the contact us form!
@ Charlie Brown « Fri 12:15 pm »
If that ever happens again, try deleting your cookies first thing.
@ FairyPrincess « Fri 3:34 am »
Even trying to contact mod did not work using the form on "contact us" kept saying invalid code!!
@ FairyPrincess « Fri 3:31 am »
So glad to be able to log-in had so much trouble....loggin in suddenly! had to use firefox
@ CharlotteK « Wed 4:54 pm »
Its -7 here now. It NEVER gets that cold!
@ CharlotteK « Wed 4:53 pm »
@ Mageshifter « Tue 8:32 am »
@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 2:31 am »
Just made authentic Dahl and Roti and yet have crumbed lamb chops to cook. I need two stomachs or possibly 3! :icon_eek:
@ Belinda2 « Tue 1:19 am »
Well we have a storm here :icon_mad: and our lights just went out. :icon_mad: :icon_mad:
@ Belinda2 « Mon 11:52 pm »
Joann that’s great good to hear you are feeling better! :thumbup:
@ Charlie Brown « Mon 3:56 pm »
Swatch stands for Swiss Watch. They also own Omega. That is all.
@ Mageshifter « Mon 12:11 pm »
@ Charlie Brown « Sun 6:47 pm »
Mageshifter wrote: I think I want to be Falkor again. Who should I contact?
I think it has to be an admin so either Jo Ann or Michael

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