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@ BrightEye « Fri 4:05 am »
Any update on our Eclectic Tarot deck?
@ Belinda2 « Thu 8:27 pm »
Yes I hate the waiting
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 9:01 am »
Going to the PO later today, as it is 1 am now, to see if any packages have arrived!!!!
@ Belinda2 « Tue 12:03 pm »
PIZZA PIZZA PARTY!!! :thumbup:
@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 4:53 am »
Another deck on its way is Moon Crystal or Crystal Moon - just got the tracking number! Absolutely stoked. Pizza anyone? :icon_e_biggrin:
@ Belinda2 « Fri 11:10 am »
That’s great news I hope you enjoy your new decks
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 8:28 pm »
@Belinda2 - Gothic Moon and an Italian deck plus the new deck for 78 Tarot will be launched soon! That one I have wanted since it was first announced last year.
@ Nemia « Thu 4:06 pm »
Ha, I just started to write and Michael disappeared. Michael, I noticed that! :-D
@ Nemia « Thu 4:06 pm »
Well, most probably I do it for myself. I like it when things are nice and orderly ;-) and this activity around midnight always gives me such a feeling of order.
@ Nemia « Thu 4:03 pm »
and like always, I ask myself whether anyone reads it! LOL
@ Nemia « Thu 4:03 pm »
....i.e., every night....
@ Nemia « Thu 4:03 pm »
I just finished updating the news scroll and daily cards, as I do every day...
@ Nemia « Thu 4:02 pm »
I’m here and I see a lot of names ;-)
@ Michael Sternbach « Thu 3:17 pm »
You know, the exciting thing about a chat room is that we can have live conversations
@ Michael Sternbach « Thu 3:15 pm »
Anybody reading me?
@ Michael Sternbach « Thu 3:12 pm »
@ Belinda2 « Thu 3:12 am »
Which decks are you waiting for?
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 12:57 am »
Waiting on more decks to filter through and the anticipation is almost unbearable!
@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 9:42 am »
Am working on a hard cover photobook for my mother (surprise gift) of her parents. grand parents (died young), and siblings since it is unlikely I'll be able to do a fuller one that ties to Ireland and England due to missing newspaper or journal dates. Working on a way around it...kind of...trying anyhow. Just found out that one ship, my ancestors were on, was made by the same company that made the Titanic - only 30 years later! :)
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 11:21 pm »
Enjoying a late lunch and picked up a parcel as well. Art place tomorrow for mother dearest- if no plan change...
@ gurupcc « Mon 3:05 am »
@Nemia - Yes, should be with you in the next couple of days hopefully.
@ DownUnderNZer « Sun 11:42 am »
@gurupcc = No regrets whatsoever. @Nemia -I hope you get them soon and will enjoy them just as much!
@ gurupcc « Sat 6:13 am »
Glad to hear that you’ve received the deck @DownUnderNZer
@ Nemia « Sat 1:42 am »
I’m waiting for my Bharata. I looks wonderful, like a love child of the Fey, Four Heavenly Kings, conceived with the help of holy spirits from Indian traditions I don’t even know! Can’t wait to dig in ;-)
@ Belinda2 « Fri 3:14 pm »
It’s always wonderful to get a new deck😀
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 11:52 pm »
My Bharata order came - oversized would be AMAZING! 78 cards as well.
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 9:09 pm »
Nothing like spending $ in less than 2 days on new gadgets and toys for the family or solo.play. Wizards, Monsters, Aliens. HEAVEN! :)
@ DownUnderNZer « Wed 11:30 pm »
She called an Art shop near me so now I have to go there to buy what she wants. And she lives in a different country! :)
@ Belinda2 « Wed 10:50 am »
Good for her I am with her on that!😊
@ DownUnderNZer « Wed 5:40 am »
My mother refuses to look 50!!! And all she needs to do is dye her her to do it......
@ WaterSong « Tue 11:03 pm »
Yes, i changed my name at the old forum, as I got bored of magenta haha :) I had it for so long... great to see you Grizabella !
@ Grizabella « Tue 6:56 pm »
Oh wow! Snow in Paris! Just the being in Paris sounds awesome to me. Would you please share the photos you take of it? I’d love to see that.i
@ Arcange « Tue 5:26 pm »
I haven’t chatted here since September. .. it’s snowing here in Paris. For 5 years I’ve waited to take a photo from my balcony with the snow. Tomorrow morning will be the day. Snow predicted all night
@ Grizabella « Tue 5:10 pm »
It’s good to see you, too, WaterSong! Thank you for letting me know who you were in the old forum. I see so many names I don’t recognize and I always wonder if they’re a new name for an old member. :icon_e_smile:
@ WaterSong « Tue 8:59 am »
Hello Grizabella!! I am magenta from the old Forum :) Migrated here...so wonderful to see you here...hello to all. 9 am here in the east Coast, USA
@ Belinda2 « Tue 1:02 am »
Yes I like many of you have had people I love pass away so I wish you the best like always
@ Nemia « Tue 12:11 am »
Yes, and my very best wishes to all of you dealing with health crises in their lives.
@ theFeeLion « Mon 11:39 pm »
Ooo look at all the lovely people online! :icon_e_biggrin:
@ Grizabella « Mon 6:36 pm »
What I find helpful is to just make the most of every day with our loved ones. Then if something takes them, we know we’ve done all we could to cherish them and let them know they were loved.
@ Grizabella « Mon 6:34 pm »
I read somewhere that because of the pesticide use and other things, most people will get cancer during their lifetime and I wouldn’t be surprised.
@ Grizabella « Mon 6:33 pm »
My daughter-in-law died of melanoma a couple of years ago. She and my son had 5 kids between them. She was only in her mid-forties.My brother’s wife passed a few years before that of a rare cancer and they were expecting their first grandchildren--twins. She never got to see them. One of my sisters passed away right when she had her first great-grandchild at the same time my first was born. And another sister was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia she didn’t even know she had for many years because she didn’t like to go to the doctor.
@ WaterSong « Mon 6:07 pm »
so sorry to hear that you are going through such difficult time Charlotte <3
@ CharlotteK « Mon 5:54 pm »
Grizabella wrote: I’m so sorry you got this distressing news. I certainly know how that goes. I’ve had that happen more than once in the last few years and it’s very upsetting.
Thank you so much, its devastating. He’s only 49 and there are two young kids. Heartbroken.
@ Grizabella « Mon 5:50 pm »
I’m so sorry you got this distressing news. I certainly know how that goes. I’ve had that happen more than once in the last few years and it’s very upsetting.
@ CharlotteK « Mon 5:42 pm »
I think I am back again. I have really battled to get logged on and stay logged on but seems to be workung now. Last week I had some extremely distressing news about a close relative who has just discivered they have very little time left. So I have been in total shock and too upset to do much. I have apologised to those i left hanging for feedback and unless anyone has done Dark Decks for me i’ll get that up and running asap.
@ Charlie Brown « Mon 5:32 pm »
And here I am with a fresh shipment from Acme.
@ Mageshifter « Mon 1:39 pm »
Meep! Meep!
@ Grizabella « Sun 11:11 am »
And Grizabella is happy to be here and see everyone.
@ Nemia « Sun 3:38 am »
Ah, I’m happy to see Grizabella!!!
@ Grizabella « Sat 11:26 pm »
I just made a post and fumbled it. It isn’t showing up but if it does, I’ll complete it. If not, I won’t. lol

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