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@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 1:39 am »
Is it normal to giggle if someone burst their water pipes by placing a heater near them to warn them up.
@ 2dogs « Wed 11:32 am »
The good thing about living in England is the Full English Breakfast :icon_razz: .
@ 2dogs « Wed 11:21 am »
Oh we’ve had it already, a walk round a lake with the dogs and lunch in a cafe.
@ Belinda2 « Wed 10:57 am »
Hi everyone I hope you are are getting ready to have a great day!
@ 2dogs « Wed 10:28 am »
Hooray, I got 5/5 on the BBCs Donald Trump cognitive test - can I run the world please? :icon_twisted:
@ 2dogs « Tue 1:35 am »
"In Private" browsing may also work as it doesn’t use cookies etc.
@ Jo Ann « Tue 12:57 am »
I had to do the cleaning on firefox but not Edge and FF keeps crashing on me all the time any way
@ Jo Ann « Tue 12:56 am »
I see Nem hasn’t made it on yet. but I explained what to do.
@ Jo Ann « Tue 12:53 am »
go to popgoth’s site under astrology and ask him if he has any
@ FairyPrincess « Mon 4:30 am »
Hello all! I’m looking for new moon rituals....any ideas?
@ theFeeLion « Sun 4:02 am »
stupid Chrome! I just had to do that clean up thingy so I could sign in. Worked though, so that’s good :icon_mrgreen:
@ Jo Ann « Sat 9:25 pm »
You can always change it bacck Falkor
@ Mageshifter « Sat 3:44 am »
Actually I loved my previous name but I guess a change was needed, so I am flowing with it.
@ Mageshifter « Sat 3:43 am »
Where were you yesterday? XD
@ DownUnderNZer « Sat 1:19 am »
Do a full reboot after the clean up as well then sign back in.
@ DownUnderNZer « Sat 1:16 am »
@ DownUnderNZer « Sat 1:13 am »

I have GOOGLE CHROME: All I did was go in to MORE TOOLS under the 3 DOTS at the TOP (right side) which opens up a MENU and I clicked on CLEAR BROWSING DATA and chose ADVANCED rather than BASIC. I think all you need to do is look for that MENU for whatever Internet Browser you use and find CLEAR DATA or BROWSING history. WARNING: Be careful with opting for PASSWORD clear up as you will lose all your PASSWORDS to your ACCOUNTS.

Clean up history, cookies and data, and downloads.
@ Jo Ann « Sat 12:54 am »
because i use microsoft E i am fine. can’t login with my main browser firefox. running wise 360 right now before i try to restore
@ Jo Ann « Sat 12:34 am »
Actually, i think she was happy to change her name. but i sure wish downunderNZer would have posted the steps to fix this.
@ Jo Ann « Sat 12:31 am »
Belinda, we changed her name, email and psw to get her back in.
@ Jo Ann « Sat 12:30 am »
are you talking about his computer? Michael can’t get in either.
@ Jo Ann « Sat 12:28 am »
ok what did you do, cuz i can’t login on a different browser. And i check the cookie thing and nothing there has changed.
@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 11:02 pm »
All Falcor needed to do was a "cookie and data clean up" - I could not LOGIN either or send a message to ADMIN. But I worked it out after so many FORMAT UNKNOWN messages etc.

@ Belinda2 « Fri 8:39 pm »
Yes but you should have not have had to change your name to get in
@ Mageshifter « Fri 5:52 pm »
@ Charlie Brown « Fri 5:08 pm »
Also, Devine, while someone might choose to help you, we generally require that people make at least a small attempt to interpret their cards before we offer our own interpretations.
@ Charlie Brown « Fri 5:07 pm »
Hi Devine, please post that question in the "Your Readings" part of the forum.
@ Devine « Fri 2:35 pm »
7 spread reading - death ace pentacles ace of swords 9 of wands tower kind of wands 3 of wands
@ Devine « Fri 2:35 pm »
Hi, I did a career reading and got these cards.. Can anyone help me??
@ 2dogs « Fri 11:48 am »
Hello Nemia, hope you’re feeling better now :icon_e_smile:
@ Nemia « Fri 10:21 am »
So, my dear ones, here I am again :-)
@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 6:35 am »
Not looking forward to putting passwords in again for other sites. Cup of tea time I think....

What a beautiful night it is!
@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 6:25 am »
Issue resolved. Phew!
@ theFeeLion « Thu 7:03 pm »
Thanks Geekuma! :icon_e_biggrin: That so exciting you be getting a whole lot of tarot stuff!
@ Geekuma « Thu 3:50 pm »
Also, the lady will receive proper care, so it’s a win win situation ahahhaa
@ Geekuma « Thu 3:50 pm »
My boss’s aunt is going to a senior home, so my boss is giving me all her tarot stuff. I’m very happy about it :D
@ Geekuma « Thu 3:49 pm »
hey guys! Hope you’re all well! Nemia, I’m sure you’ll be better soon! Also, congrats for your engagement, Fee
@ theFeeLion « Thu 12:57 pm »
Hope you are doing ok Nemia. You have been missed and I know I won’t be the only one who appreciates all that you do on the forum. I hope you feel better soon!
@ CharlotteK « Thu 2:23 am »
Glad to hear you are in the mend Nemia. Take care x
@ RavenOfSummer « Wed 10:50 pm »
So sorry Nemia, wishing you a swift recovery <3 Glad to see you here!
@ RavenOfSummer « Wed 10:49 pm »
So sorry to hear you’ve been suffering Nemia, and wishing you a swift recovery <3
@ Charlie Brown « Wed 8:05 pm »
You’re very missed, Nemia.
@ Belinda2 « Wed 7:51 pm »
Well taking care of yourself and getting well that is what is most important
@ Nemia « Wed 5:46 pm »
Dear all, I’m slowly getting back on my feet, had horrible ten days, truly horrible. It will take time until I can shoulder again the regular stuff I used to do - if there’s still interest in them. Daily card, news scroll and deck of the week. If people around here are still interested. Wow, there is so much stuff I’ll have to do now that I’m slowly finding my way back into painless life.... it will all take time. Forum feels a bit alien right now, like a jeans unworn for a season :-)
@ theFeeLion « Wed 3:24 pm »
Thanks RavenOfSummer! :icon_e_biggrin:
@ RavenOfSummer « Wed 3:16 pm »
Congrats, that is wonderful!! <3
@ RavenOfSummer « Wed 3:15 pm »
Oh, just saw in the chat that you are getting married @theFeeLion!
@ DownUnderNZer « Wed 12:52 am »
Oprah! Oprah! Gold..
@ Michael Sternbach « Wed 12:40 am »
@ Michael Sternbach « Wed 12:39 am »
Okay I will see if you are available if I can make it

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