Dealing with reversed cards.

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Re: Dealing with reversed cards.

by HeKatesXing » 09 Nov 2018, 21:25

My thoughts in dealing with Reversed Cards after a reading ...

Put them back in the deck as they are and when I pick the deck up again the cards will be as they should be for that reading, i have learnt not to worry about how the cards are in the deck as I believe the cards will be the way they are meant to be specifically for that moment ..

I find every time you put them up the right way they are going to find a way to be reversed if they should be...
So in trusting the cards will be as they should be I put them back into the deck without much specific thought ....

I find this works for me ...

Re: Dealing with reversed cards.

by DownUnderNZer » 21 Sep 2018, 09:59

I use to never use reversed cards, but now I do! Well, not in about 5 or 6 years but I am starting to pick them up again.

This is how I do it:

I usually choose at random and face down about 18 to 25 cards and will turn them around from a deck of all upright cards.

So most are upright - 18 to 25 are not.

They stay this way for a week to a few weeks unless I feel I should pick a new lot or am too lazy. Most times I will do the same thing if I feel it needs to be refreshed or it is time to do it kind of thing.

The deck never has the same upside down card unless it is chosen again when I do decide to select a new lot.

Dealing with reversed cards.

by Amou » 19 Sep 2018, 11:42

Just wondering how others "deal" with their reversed cards after a reading. Is it necessary to return all reversed cards to their upright after a reading or simply at the next reading shuffle well and reverse cards intuitively, or by turning part of the deck .. whatever method you use to include reversals. I feel if the deck is all upright that it will take a long shuffle to mix the deck sufficiently. However maybe others think otherwise and always approach a reading with all 78 cards upright before including reversals. The more I consider this the more I believe that during a shuffle,possbly turning cards intuitively the cards will position themselves as is correct for that reading. Any thoughts, experiences very much appreciated.