Benebel's deck

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Re: Benebel's deck

by HeKatesXing » 22 Jul 2019, 18:06

I know she really is amazing ....

Re: Benebel's deck

by Jo Ann » 21 Jul 2019, 17:32

She gives to many freakin' choices...arrrggghhhhh! can't make up my mind.

Re: Benebel's deck

by HeKatesXing » 21 Jul 2019, 16:33

Benebell's downloads are amazing ...

she also has a download for her Bone Oracle (you can also order it on Make Playing cards) ...
Bone Oracle by Benebell Wen

She gives so much away ...

I did the major download and re-edited them, just waiting for them to arrive from the MPC for personal use ... for fun I can't wait to work with them for self-reflection.

Benebell's major arcana draft download

by Jo Ann » 21 Jul 2019, 15:46

Here is the page that Benebell has her downloads on. Go Here. It compares the draft cards to the 1st ver black and white deck. I have the 2nd ver that is called the Vitruvian deck and is sepia in tone.

Here is the link for Benebell's major arcana draft download.

And here is the maj arc draft download

Re: Benebel's deck

by Jo Ann » 04 Jul 2019, 07:12

I am thinking about getting those. I really like her site see the tarot series too. I was thinking about doing one of her site see vids for reading circle this month.

Re: Benebel's deck

by Talal » 04 Jul 2019, 05:17

I liked Kitchen Table Tarot and Benebel Wen's big book. Both are worth the money and worth the read!

Re: Benebel's deck

by HeKatesXing » 23 Jun 2019, 20:37

Will do .... I am not huge into tarot specific books but really felt drawn to those two books ...

Re: Benebel's deck

by Jo Ann » 23 Jun 2019, 19:03

There are a few decks on my wish list I would like to get, but I need to sell a few decks first. Let me know how you feel about holistic tarot when you get it. I might check into the kitchen tarot book and her other one.

Re: Benebel's deck

by HeKatesXing » 23 Jun 2019, 18:24

I know there is alot of symbols within the cards ... yaahhh exciting for you ...
I finally decided to get Magna Tarot Just a mini deck and a Thoth deck ... and I am getting my Loteria deck because of an order of my decks .... with the Holistic Tarot and Mindful Tarot ... that is all I am waiting for ... that will be it for awhile ... lol as I want to top up my incense and candles etc

Re: Benebel's deck

by Jo Ann » 23 Jun 2019, 13:46

My skt is shipping next week. YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I am so excited. I hope the cards are big enough to see easily!!!!!! @onion36@