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by FaireMaiden
01 Feb 2020, 20:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: A head count
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Re: A head count

Well, I've mostly been nowhere! Lots of health issues this past couple of years, but every day is getting better. Hopefully, I can make it a daily 'I'm here' on the Forums.
by FaireMaiden
02 Jan 2019, 21:46
Forum: Your Favorite Book
Topic: my favorite book is.....
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Re: my favorite book is.....

"The Tarot Guide to Love and Relationships" by Nancy Shavick; (really, all of her books, but I had to choose just one)

by FaireMaiden
02 Jan 2019, 19:56
Forum: Oracle Decks
Topic: My favorite oracle is...
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Re: My favorite oracle is...

by FaireMaiden
02 Jan 2019, 18:29
Forum: Tarot Decks
Topic: my favorite tarot is...
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my favorite tarot is...

RIDER-WAITE (Radiant version) JUST A PEEK...