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Re: New deck pick up lines

Post by siovale » 06 Jan 2018, 22:33

Charlie Brown wrote:
06 Jan 2018, 20:29
I'm pretty sure the 32 cards are a piquet deck, which, as siovale rightly surmised is the full deck minus the twos through sixes. The Lenormand, viewed as playing cards, adds in the sixes.

I was very interested to see how similar this spread is to something I just discovered callled the Comte de Mellet where you do a not dissimilar two handed draw (minors left, majors right) and generate pairs according to some rules. The CdM is, according the Mary K Greer and others, the single oldest tarot spread to appear in print (1781), so I'm guess the CdP is also quite old.

ETA: In very briefly perusing some French sites that I didn't bother to fully translate, it seems that there are different notions about what the mistress cards are. Yours seem plenty good to me, though.
Thanks, CB. Going to try it.

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