Spirits of the Times

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Joan Marie

Spirits of the Times

Post by Joan Marie » 24 Nov 2017, 07:19

Sandwiched between the cataclysms of two World Wars, the 1920's was a time of great social, economic, political and artistic upheaval.

The changes were felt all over the world. The American experience was captured in Jazz Age novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald. In Paris les années folles, (the crazy years) were played out on the stages of Montmartre and Montparnasse. And in the great capital city of Berlin, the years between the wars were experienced in full and mostly at night as people tried to escape the cold realities of the post-war daylight and redefine themselves and their society. They did this with a real fervour using art, literature, cabaret life and various forms of hedonism and occult practices.

The Cult of Weimar Tarot was created as a celebration of this indomitable human spirit to find beauty and joy and magic in a world that seemed devoid of those things.


This 78-card limited edition deck is available only at this website

You will find a wealth of information about this amazing time and place. You can also see details about the people and places portrayed in each card.
ImageImageImage Jump into another world for a while. Just for fun!
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