8 of Cups

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8 of Cups

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Analysing some images I was was struck by the concept of being exactly where one wanted to be, not wishing to be anywhere else or doing anything different. This seems to me to be a state of mind worth cultivating and I drew this card when asking for an opinion on that.

It’s quite a subdued, restricted, low energy sort of card. The fountain is damaged and only partly working and the higher cups have fallen into disuse, but flowers are still blooming and water circulating in the lower half of the structure. At this moment of time fate has shut down some of the possibilities.

The card could suggest tiredness and depression at an inability to access the highest experiences but on the other hand happiness can be found by following the flow of energy in those areas where it’s still active. I think the advice is to strengthen the feeling that I am where I’m supposed to be, do the things that I can, relax and enjoy my allotted portion of the universe.
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