Golden Lenormand (Images)

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Re: Golden Lenormand (Images)

Post by DownUnderNZer » 12 Apr 2018, 10:36

The Gold on it is done in a way that it does not overpower the images though - I do like that aspect.

Have to find the "Golden Universal Tarot" now. :wave:

Barleywine wrote:
12 Apr 2018, 08:20
DownUnderNZer wrote:
12 Apr 2018, 00:48
Barleywine -

Did you get this deck yet? Was just wondering...

I bought a few, but when I did a spring clean over a month ago - cannot find a single one of them. Packed away somewhere out of my reach. This weekend I will be looking!
I did get it, and I like it well enough to do a good many of my GTs with it lately. It is large, but I have long fingers. The gold seems more of a novelty than an essential feature, though. I don't find it as compelling as the similar style in the Golden Universal tarot.
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