Fairytale Lenormand

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Fairytale Lenormand

Post by Nemia » 21 Sep 2017, 18:59

This deck is a real beauty. The artist Lisa Hunt is a veteran of tarot art - her masterly line-and-wash watercolour art has graced the Fantastical Creatures, Animals Divine, Celtic Dragons, Shapeshifter, Ghosts and Spirits, Wings of Enchantment... and of course the Fairy Tale Tarot. It can't have been easy to move from the evocative, multi-layered, dreamy world of tarot to the cut-and-dried Lenormand world where a Rider is a Rider and nothing but a Rider.

Not in this deck though. The Rider is also the hero of the fairytale "The Enchanted Horse". You have the choice when using this deck either to stick to the well-known traditional Lenormand meanings, or to enrich them with the fairy tale background this deck offers.

Since every Lenormand card has many layers anyway (it may relate to a person, a health problem, a number, a time, an energy... all at once in one reading), it's definitely possible to add another layer called "the fairytale motif/archetype/meaning" and use this in addition to all the others. This is imo best done when you have the Lenormand meanings pat.

The little booklet can help you achieve this. An interesting introduction by the knowledgeable Donnaleigh de la Rose and the text by Arwen Lynch give you ideas and material to work with.

In the end, you, your questions, the spread you choose, your reading style and of course the cards that come up make it easy or difficult to combine it all.

You may also simply interpret the cards in two steps: first, you do a traditional Lenormand reading, and then you approach the same layout in a more intuitive fashion, inspired by the fairytales. For that, it's necessary to know the fairytales. Although I love fairytales and have a fair number of collections on my shelves, I was not familiar with all of them. I tried to find them online, because reading a fairy tale from beginning to end is better than just reading a summary in the little book. I like that they included Mayan and Objiwe tales, not only Grimm and Andersen.


You can use this deck from the tin (and what a gorgeous tin it is!) but if you really want to enjoy it, I'd say get to know the fairy tales as well.

The cards themselves are easy to recognize and very beautiful. The borders are beige-gold with an unobtrusive pattern. In the upper left corner, you can see the card number; on the bottom, the card name and card suit and number.

The cardstock is smooth and flexible, the cardbacks simple with an abstract, symmetrical ornament.

There are two very different ladies and gentlemen that allow you to personalize your readings.

The tin and the charming little booklet make this deck look like a fairy tale in itself. Decks in tins - what a great combination.

I want to collect now all the tarot decks this artist ever made. Her style is charming in the ancient meaning of the word - it put a spell on me.

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