Lenormand Cartomancy

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Lenormand Cartomancy

Post by DownUnderNZer » 24 Sep 2017, 00:24

Lenormand Cartomancy by Christopher Butler.

Source:https://i.pinimg.com/236x/f0/40/82/f040 ... 822c6e.jpg

TYPE OF USERS: Maybe not for ALL USERS as these cards border on abstract or hide and seek at times and unless you know the cards and number associations it would be a tad challenging. E.g. 11 = Whip, 21 = Mountain, or 22 = Crossroads.

CARD STOCK: Card stock is a bit flimsy (I feel) and there would be easy wear on the cards with constant use or over use.

AVAILABILITY: Widely available.

ABOUT THE DECK: Some great imagery and it is a modern digital art deck, but not all cards are straight forward to grasp visually from the word GO.

Like: Cards 4, 21, 22, 6, 33, 30, 12, 7, 19 etc.

Also, in the one deck that I have opened there is a 28 MAN and WOMAN and a 29 MAN and WOMAN. Extra cards only not under the same number association yet perhaps good for same gender readings. Many cards are rather dark as well in color, so the image blends into the void.

NOTE: It could be just my deck (the one opened) as some of the images on line are lighter and those images seem to stand out. E.g. Card 12.

PRICE: Varies. I bought mine for just over US$100 including shipping when it was first published and that was for two decks. I think it was about US$35 to US$40 per deck. Give or take.

Wordery currently sells it at $72.54, BookTopia for AU$89.40, Book Depository for $54.20, and Amazon for $35.99. (24/09/2017).

This modern deck does not check all the boxes for me as I do not feel it is user friendly and many cards are dark or the images do not stand out easily. (Might be just the deck I have opened).

What you need to know:

1) You will need to know the number associations as the images are not always clear or jump out at you straight away.
2) The numbers on each card are a decent size and easy to see.
3) The distraction would be working out what some cards are, and if reading face to face, it would take up time and not flow quickly until you get to know the deck in and out. Even then...
4) Some cards are vibrant and colorful with clear images whereas others most definitely are not.

I have not used this deck at all except once to see how it read. Not easy to read at all compared to decks like the Blue Owl.

PROS: A modern deck with great imagination including bonus MAN and WOMAN cards. Comes inside a large protective box.
CONS: A) Not user friendly for ALL, B) The MAN and WOMAN directions, C) Flimsy card stock, and D) No book or booklet comes with it.

This is one deck I would not highly recommend unless you are know the Lenormand, are a collector, and/or are into modern art or digital.

Source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-JnNiS_bdkBM/V ... untain.jpg

By DownUnderNZer
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