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Symbols appear on each and every tarot card - visual signs that convey meaning. Some of them are highly individual and personal, others time-honored and traditional. Some are easy to understand, others difficult and multivalent. In this forum, we want to study symbols from different decks, traditions and cultures together using books, websites, lwbs and our own intuition.
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Re: The Cups in Love

Post by kyan » 07 Feb 2018, 22:42

Barleywine wrote:
07 Feb 2018, 19:05
I do everything Nemia does, but then I use reversals to give inflection to what I call the "mode of delivery." It doesn't change the core meaning of a card, just how it is presented to the querent's perception. I have a whole list of the different ways this can happen (at least in my own practice); I'll see if I can find it, since I think the last time I posted it was on AT. I'm pretty sure it was published in the American Tarot Association's monthly newsletter last year, but I'm not certain how many ATA members we have here. I think the only decks I don't use it with are those that are specifically designed not to consider reversal, like the Voyager Tarot.

Ah, here it is: ... .pdf?raw=1

this is a wonderful and comprehensive set of keywords to help describe the reversal cards!

thanks for this, it is very helpful.

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