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Joan Marie

Creating a Hot Link

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If you paste a URL link into a post, it will automatically be "hot" when you preview or publish your post.

However, you may prefer to make a word or phrase "hot" which looks a lot nicer than a long url for sure.
so instead of:
you could have: Chakra Healing

There are two ways to do this.

1. Place your curser where you want the hot-link to appear. Click the "Link" icon, (the little green ball with the chain on the top row).
A box will pop up with two empty fields.

In the 1st field, paste the URL you want to link to.
In the second field, type in the word or phrase you want the hot link to appear as.
Click "Insert into message."

2. You can type out the whole command. Sometimes Tapatalk users don't have the same access to the icons, so this solution will work.
Type the command out as it appears here:

To see your work or to test the link before you post it, click "Preview". When you are satisfied, click Submit.


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