Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz for trade

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Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz for trade

Post by theFeeLion » 26 Oct 2017, 01:55

Hi lovely people :wave:

After much consideration, I have decided to put these wonderful cards up for trade.

The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz are beautiful cards, unfortunately, I have been struggling to connect with them as I hoped when I first saw them.

They have had very little use and will come exactly as I got them (there is a bit of a mark on the front cover of the LWB/guide that was there when I received them from the creator's Etsy shop).

Here is a video if you want to see them...

My wish lists are here (tarot) and here (oracles and others) but I am also open to other trades as I know there are probably way more decks out there that I could add to those lists! (I just haven't found them yet :icon_e_wink: )

:heart: Fee
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