Decks 15.00 and under sale USA

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Decks 15.00 and under sale USA

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10.00- 15.00 deck sale USA only
I am in a difficult situation so I am selling most of my decks. The shipping price depends on the decks weight. I am also changing a dollar for the packaging, but I will not if flat rate shipping is used. Any question pm me thank you ( most decks are in like new condition, if not I will comment). Will combine shipping, in the flat rate box many decks can be fit in. I will only be taking picture of the uncommon information decks ( that might be hard to locate on line). Or any damages they might have. I will be having another two sale listing soon can combined all from the three lists, I am also planing on listing these items elsewhere
Camelot oracle 9.00 680 flat rate ship.
wisdom of the oracle 10.00 6.80 flat rate envelope shipping (heavy
Super Awesome Fortune Telling Cards ( McPhee) 14.00 5. 25 shipping

Flower Spirit Cards 10.00 680. Flat rate box.
Naipes Playing cards/ Tarot 5.99
Shipping 4.75 see pic
Hanafuda playing cards 10.00 4.75 ship (
karnival Assassins playing cards 8.00 ( new just opened). 4.25
Mini tea leaf book 2.00 price 3.00
shipping see pic ) media mail

Lenormand fortune telling cards 10.00

Lenormand cards


Hanafuda playing cards
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