Kilauea is not doing well at all.

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Kilauea is not doing well at all.

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Kilauea's large crater collapsed today. that is not good.Collapsing caused alot of dirt rocks boulders as rubble to go down towards the area the lava is coming from and if that gets blocked, then there can (most likely) be a really large eruption. Its not looking good at this time. but Kilauea is not a large volcano, plus its a shield volcano, the type that makes more land. But the state it is in now, is not a normal state for a shield volcano.

They now worrying that the Big Volcano Mauna Loa maybe getting a bit irritable.

You really don't refer to Kilauea as Kilauea, but as the Goddess Pele, because she doesn't live there, she is the volcano itself.
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