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how to start?

Posted: 23 Aug 2018, 09:46
by shadowrose
So, I tried tarot almost a year ago, I started off drawing a card a day and since I had to research each card each day I got bogged down. Life also got hectic and I just kind of dropped out for awhile. But I want to try again.

I'm thinking, maybe one card a week? Just meditate on one card the entire week.

I am interested in tarot for the self-discovery aspect, for journaling and diving deeper into myself. I feel I've lost touch with my authentic self, by focusing myself on others for 20 years, and I want to find her again.

Any thoughts, advice to start me on my journey?

Re: how to start?

Posted: 23 Aug 2018, 19:31
by Amanda
I think however you feel is best is the right thing to do. :)

One card per week will take you a year and a half. Have you considered doing groups of cards per week?
Perhaps you could spend 14 weeks working on the Minor Arcana and 11 weeks on Major Arcana?


Minor Arcana
Week 1: Aces
Week 2: Twos
Week 3: Threes
Week 4: Fours
Week 5: Fives
Week 6: Sixes
Week 7: Sevens
Week 8: Eights
Week 9: Nines
Week 10: Tens
Week 11: Pages -OR- P-Kn-Q-K of Wands
Week 12: Knights -OR- P-Kn-Q-K of Cups
Week 13: Queens -OR- P-Kn-Q-K of Swords
Week 14: Kings -OR- P-Kn-Q-K of Pentacles

Major Arcana
Week 1: Magician & High Priestess
Week 2: Empress & Emperor
Week 3: Hierophant & Lovers
Week 4: Chariot & Strength
Week 5: Hermit & Wheel of Fortune
Week 6: Justice & Hanged Man
Week 7: Death & Temperance
Week 8: Devil & Tower
Week 9: Star & Moon
Week 10: Sun & Judgment
Week 11: World & Fool

Re: how to start?

Posted: 23 Aug 2018, 20:48
by Charlie Brown
I might suggest a different approach. Instead of trying to master one card at a time, maybe conisder trying to learn the cards through simple readings. Something that was very useful for me was doing daily draws that were 2 or 3 cards in length, with specific spread positons. A favorite of mine is: 1) How should I direct my energy today 2) What will be my challenge for the day 3) What is my lesson for the day.

Because you won't have time to give focused study 3 cards every day, this will help you see the cards in their broad outlines and give you and opportunity to go through your day and think about how those cards might have manifested themselves in your life. Another advantage to a spread like the one I suggested is that you'll be seeing cards in different ways. The first card is an instruction/action card, the second a predictive card and the third more of an imperative towards meditation or reflection.

In short, I think it's ultimately better to learn the cards by reading them rather than waiting until you've learned the cards to start reading.

Re: how to start?

Posted: 23 Aug 2018, 21:52
by Barleywine
This is the advice I gave in my "Card Reading for Beginners" post on my blog:

"So, you have your new deck in hand (don’t try to spread yourself too thin by getting several at once). The Prime Directive at this point is to simply use it. Many writers recommend going through the entire deck laboriously dwelling on each card in series (perhaps one-a-day just like “taking your medicine”) as if rote repetition will pound their meaning into your head. My gut reaction to this advice (after “Ugh!”) is “Don’t do it” (at least not as a daily grind). None of the cards exists in a vacuum, they are all part of an inspired continuum, and they really shine when combined with their mates in imaginative ways. I suggest taking your “A-list” of keywords and doing simple two-card readings by randomly bouncing different cards off one another to see what kind of creative synthesis you can come up with. (In this one case it’s probably a good idea to capture any truly compelling impressions in writing since they can be ephemeral and are sure to elude you when you try to recall them on-the-fly). When you get bored with that, try simple “story-boards” (see my previous posts on the subject) which will have you creating short anecdotal narratives in no time. After that, you’re on your way!"

Re: how to start?

Posted: 23 Aug 2018, 22:49
by shadowrose
very good points, thank you.

Re: how to start?

Posted: 27 Aug 2018, 20:36
by Canid
One card a week is fine, if it’s for you. Ot even one card a month, nothing wrong there either. But at some point, try to add another card, & try to intuit what their combination means to you. After all, it’s a life-long journey, for everyone. No rush. You never stop learning, but you need to start somewhere, on your terms, what you feel comfortable with.

Re: how to start?

Posted: 28 Aug 2018, 08:41
by Nemia
I would add: start with a good book together with your cards, if you're a book kind of person. Don't read the book from cover to cover but read the parts that interest you at that moment. And have fun with the cards - you can put them on the table or the fridge, to see them as much as possible. Think about which you like, which not, which you find puzzling, and which you find similar and thus puzzling.

And if you can do it without turning it into a terrible duty: start a journal. Take pictures of the cards, jot down notes, either on paper or in a computer file. These notes will become a real learning tool over time.

I'm not a very structured person so I find an unstructured approach works as good or even better than a structured one. Keep it interesting and relevant to your life.

Re: how to start?

Posted: 28 Aug 2018, 12:15
by shadowrose
thank you!

Re: how to start?

Posted: 22 Sep 2018, 13:01
by DownUnderNZer
Jump right in and look for what sits right with you when it comes to card meanings. And although you will practice on yourself a lot - try not to keep doing the same questions over and over.

Have fun more than anything! And work out what works for you when it comes to learning.

DND :wave:

Re: how to start?

Posted: 07 Aug 2019, 01:18
by chongjasmine
Instead of focusing on memorising the card meanings, try doing spreads, maybe a 3 cards spreads.