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Re: What are you up to?

Post by DownUnderNZer »

What is up next?

Haven't read fictional books in donkeys years so have pulled out a few to actually make me do just that.

In fact, I have a trilogy set that was written decades ago that I have always wanted to finish, so the third one is sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to pick it up...🤣🤣🤣

Another thing I want to do is to play a few board games so I will get there eventually.

Am still in the process of relearning the piano in a way that isn't how I learnt it initially - that is a work in progress as I keep learning more songs by ear rather than knuckle down.

Have nailed Chariots of Fire which was truly the easiest piece I have ever learned yet I thought it would be difficult because of all the orchestral effects that were added to it. It was like I sat at the piano and played it straight away which surprised me. 👀 👀 👀

About Chariots of Fire...

I learned that song two ways so that I could teach a friend an easier version of it so she could play it straight away only that didn't quite work out as I planned as the timing threw her off as well as the second part to it.

Practice makes perfect!!!

She will get it soon enough.

What is beautiful about reconnecting with the piano again is that I have relearned the very first piece I remember my father playing as well as this one my older brother played and also this r&b piece, one phenomenal musician taught me - (easy version) that is jaw dropping.

Downside is I'm still making a few mistakes as my fingers are weak so I need to do finger strengthening exercises on the keyboard so that those mistakes cease.

Will record all of this at some point to leave on YouTube for my family and friends some day...
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Re: What are you up to?

Post by Morwenna »

What am I up to??

Sorting out my leave of absence stuff for taking care of hubby who's not walking lately because of bad arthritis combined with results of 4 years' worth of various broken bones! And getting myself retired; I've been working far past the usual retirement age.

Can I hire a secretary??

And by the way, now that I've finally got around to joining this site, WHERE IS EVERYBODY??? :icon_question:

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