King of Pentacles, Four Heavenly Kings Tarot

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King of Pentacles, Four Heavenly Kings Tarot

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Today, you make nearer acquaintance with a King of Pentacles - either the one that sits in your own personality, just waiting to be called up to have his word in your "inner conference" of thoughts and deliberations - or as another person in your life, ready to give you his advice.

What does the King of Pentacles bring to your conference table? Personal power and authority that he displays to others. Wisdom and life experience that have made him self confident and assertive. And a keen sense of the limits that reality can set on dreams. He is pragmatism personified.

Listen to the voice of the King of Pentacles; it's the voice of pragmatic reason. But remember: when he was young, he dreamed. He could never have reached his throne without dreaming of it before. Take the wisdom of the King, but don't forget the wisdom of the child that's still in there, somewhere.

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