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@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 9:29 am »
Does anyone see anything above the announcement because I surely dont.
@ Nemia « Thu 4:38 pm »
Good question :-) I’m soon off to bed.
@ DDwarks « Mon 3:41 pm »
Where is everybody?
@ DownUnderNZer « Sun 11:10 am »
Life has these tranquil moments at times.
@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 10:02 am »
Queens Birthday Weekend! Bought corned silverside, roast pork and rib eye steak for the occasion. All traditional foods.
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 10:00 am »
More like exercises not readings per say. But thanks!
@ Belinda2 « Sun 7:41 pm »
It seems like you are already putting your Lenormand readings in the my readings area which is the right place
@ Belinda2 « Sun 7:30 pm »
It seems that you are already in the reading area where you can post your reading
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 3:13 am »
Maybe not the right place to ask if "anyone interested". Moving on: A sale is on and although shopping is a pet peeve I will be checking it out as one just never knows!
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 3:11 am »
Been looking and looking and have to ask. Is there a sub forum or practice area for the Lenormand? Not a Reading Circle, Reading Exchange, but rather a place to put up case study like scenarios to be worked through and/or discussed. Even more than that. Like putting up small practice spreads to see how each person would interpret them or even a read spread with questions. E.g. With DOG+RING before the SIGNIFICATOR. even though a relationship question, why would it not be looked at as the SIGNIFICATOR being involved with another person?
@ DownUnderNZer « Wed 12:41 am »
Love it! An announcement 10 mins ago: "To the person with a white mini car parked outside. Could you please return to your vehicle as it is parked illegally. Please have a wonderful day" !
@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 2:02 am »
@RavenOfSummer - Sometimes in life you just never know who you meet that is a true blessing.
@ RavenOfSummer « Mon 12:53 pm »
Amazing, DownUnder! It sounds like this entire episode really was meant to be. Hopefully the person who was the catalyst for it learned something as well!
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 9:17 am »
It is a small world and some things are meant to be for a reason.
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 9:16 am »
As for that poor excuse of a buffoon - he was lucky not to lose his job! Mind you, I do want to THANK HIM, because if that had not happened I would not have hooked up with one of my fave people in this world who is a truly talented drummer with a beautiful soul. Had been thinking of him too and actually thought I saw him somewhere last week only it was not him.
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 9:10 am »
Long story cut short as possible. Security guard made me lose my temper today, so I insisted that the arrogant sod bring in the Manager. And guess what happened to his utter discomfort?. Unknown to the BOTH OF US - the Manager was an old friend of mine I had lost contact with after one lost mobile phone, a misplaced password, life as it can be, and my move. AMAZING MOMENT! was so wonderful to see him after all this time.
@ Trina « Fri 5:25 am »
rain and love it
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 11:50 pm »
Beautiful sunny brisk day accompanied by a perfect Cafe Latte...
@ Belinda2 « Mon 10:04 pm »
nice :icon_lol:
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 12:29 pm »
Did not know I was still logged in......
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 1:04 am »
A friend in the USA went to see JAWS at the cinema last night (I think) and got to meet Richard Dreyfuss. Exciting times!
@ DownUnderNZer « Sun 7:40 am »
Movie line up now that meal prep is over and all the dishes are done...
@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 9:25 am »
You are soooo lucky Belinda2. Getting close to warmer blankets, heaters, and rugs here.
@ Belinda2 « Mon 3:32 am »
Going into summer here
@ Belinda2 « Mon 3:32 am »
That’s right we in the USA and you will be going into Winter, I know because I use to live in New Zealand.
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 2:18 am »
Buying my Winter curtains...
@ DownUnderNZer « Fri 1:22 am »
Gee whiz mum! I do not watch the news for a reason. Did not want to know about what happened in Western Australia today and you live in another country.
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 12:48 am »
Watched for the first time "Supersize and Superskinny" - the girl in it died 2 years later. Looking at the food she ate though was truly a shocker and beyond large portions. Nice girl though and way too young to die.
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 12:34 am »
Sushi yesterday and today is cornfritters with Avocado salsa and a side salad with Peach tea for lunch.
@ Belinda2 « Wed 5:16 pm »
@ DownUnderNZer « Tue 11:19 pm »
Two packets of large rashuns and 8 banana milk biscuits later....all is good in my world!
@ DownUnderNZer « Thu 9:52 pm »
Meeting mum’s friend today as she has something to give me from my mother that is a surprise!
@ Belinda2 « Tue 1:28 pm »
Sounds like a time to celebrate :icon_lol:
@ Charlie Brown « Tue 11:54 am »
My Victorian Romantic has made it as far as Killarney! San Diego, here you come.
@ Charlie Brown « Mon 6:54 pm »
Please make a post in the Your Readings sub-forum. I’m sure someone will be happy to help you. Also, if you’re asking for help with a reading, it’s generally expected that you provide your own interpretation attempt first.
@ Cinacarter25 « Mon 4:34 pm »
I am needing some help with a reading I did for myself... I got 3 wands, 8 pentacles, tower, world, judgement and 5 of cups. I’m perplexed . Please any insight
@ DownUnderNZer « Sun 11:45 pm »
Supermarket shopping as hair appointment tomorrow.
@ Nemia « Fri 2:33 am »
Oh Tarotbear, I hope you’ll recover and feel better very soon!
@ tarotbear « Wed 8:12 pm »
First 24 hours in rehab - at last!
@ Charlie Brown « Tue 1:54 pm »
Oh, no! I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your recovery gets more speedy.
@ tarotbear « Tue 11:20 am »
Still in the hospital - 8 days later! :-(
@ DownUnderNZer « Mon 9:45 pm »
Another day - a new day!
@ Belinda2 « Sun 10:21 pm »
@ Charlie Brown « Sun 8:00 pm »
Doesn’t it depend on the stick?
@ DownUnderNZer « Sun 11:22 am »
An ice cream on a stick just does not quite cut it!!!!! :icon_redface: :icon_eek: :icon_rolleyes:
@ DownUnderNZer « Sun 11:21 am »
If I had known a lot of construction was going on I would have delayed MY ZOO DAY! Did not see many animals and unlike some countries Australia has no idea about ice cream and the many ways it can be served. E.g. Hot fudge sundae/Choc Brownie sundae.
@ Belinda2 « Thu 10:18 pm »
Love Safari park and sea world
@ Mermaid « Wed 10:20 am »
oops found it! nevermind :)
@ Mermaid « Wed 10:19 am »
hi, silly question but I can’t find the tarot exchange part of the forum. can anyone write a link to it here?
@ DownUnderNZer « Wed 12:08 am »
Charlie Brown - You are so lucky!!! I remember the swimming Polar Bear there maybe with a baby cub at the time. Truly an amazing place.

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