Six New Major Arcana Cards!

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Six New Major Arcana Cards!

Post by tarotbear » 16 Sep 2017, 16:11

Yes - about a year ago I designed 6 additional Major Arcana cards to fit into my concept/theory that when you do your Birth Cards - which combines Tarot & Numerology - that unless you are a 1, 2, or a 3 where you calculate your Soul, Personality, and Shadow cards - that people whose birth numbers are 4-9 get short-sheeted. So, I created 6 new Majors to fit into that gap. ... yman-tarot

This is a Majors-Only deck, and those additional cards DO NOT appear in the standard Everyman Tarot deck - because that would confuse the issue!

The book is available thru Amazon & Kindle; you can go thru my website:
There are three ways of looking at things; theirs, yours, and my Tarot cards.

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