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The American Museum of Natural History Photographic Card Deck

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The American Museum of Natural History Photographic Card Deck

Post by 2dogs » 01 Nov 2017, 12:35

The American Museum of Natural History Photographic Card Deck consists of 103 massive cards over 6" square with a photograph of a museum exhibit completely covering one side of the card and a 200 word description on the reverse. Use as an Oracle deck will therefore require selection of cards with closed eyes.

The deck is divided into what equate to 7 suits -

Biodiversity & Environment - 17 cards

Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians - 12 cards

Earth & Planetary Sciences - 7 cards

Fossils - 18 cards

Human Origins & Cultures - 21 cards

Mammals - 16 cards

Rose Center for Earth & Space - 9 cards

The Museum, Contents & Credits - 3 cards

The cards obviously don't divide up evenly among these 7 suits but I immediately notice the overlap between Earth & Planetary Sciences and Rose Center for Earth & Space which between them would amount to 16 cards resulting in 6 suits of between 12 and 21 cards. Still not very even although that's how Nature is - it doesn't divide neatly up the way humans would like it to. It's the same for the Solar System and Elements cards although those are perhaps more objective in not giving the largest division to humans themselves.
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