Tarot Girl's Anti-Vision Board Party on YouTube

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Tarot Girl's Anti-Vision Board Party on YouTube

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Check this out tomorrow March 23 at 12PM PDT on Tarot Girl's youtube channel. It's something to do while social distancing. I hope to be there.

Tarot Girl's Anti-vision party!

Here's my email info:

Hey Jo Ann!

Bizarre times call for bizarre craft projects.

Remember those vision boarding parties back in the 2000’s?

Well I’m about to throw and anti-vision boarding party...and guess what? You’re invited!!!!

A “vision board” is where you clip out pictures and words that represent what you want to manifest in your life and then glue it on a board and hang it on your wall. So 2006!

An anti-vision board is where you clip out images, words and phrases that represent what you actively DISLIKE. Then you glue these on a board or mug to create an edgy and disturbing art piece! Very 2020.

Fun? You bet it is!

Okay, I can hear what your mind beginning to protest “but why focus on the negative? Won’t I end up manifesting what I DON’T want?”

No. The object of an anti-vision board isn’t manifestation, but cathartic expression of everything you vehemently reject.

FACT: Your anti-vision board says a lot about you. Much more than a regular old vision board. You might even call anti-vision boarding a potent (and hilarious!) form of “shadow work”.

What’s on my anti-vision board, you ask? Let’s just say it’s a visually stunning compilation of red wine, luxury SUVs, babies, fast food, Ryan Seacrest and the word “murder” (which is kind of a lie, since I like true crime podcasts).

Ironically, those very same items may be on some peoples vision boards!!!!! And that’s the beauty of life – we’re all different and we’re all drawn to and repelled by different things.

My anti-vision boarding party will take place via my YouTube channel TOMORROW (Monday, March 23rd at 12 Noon PDT) - you can RSVP right here or just show up. The replay will also be available if you can't make this time :)

Here’s what’s going to happen:

I’m going to broadcast LIVE from my foster cat room and we’re going to create an anti-vision board TOGETHER! And it’s going to be SO. MUCH. FUN. I can’t wait!!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

- old magazines and catalogues

- scissors

- glue

- modge podge (optional)

- some poster board or a piece of cardboard of any size (if you would rather make a mug, vase or box, then you will need that instead)

- Any other items you want to add for embellishment like glitter or whatever.

- A desire to create some mischievous fun;)

How to participate:

- Join the live event right here on Monday, March 23rd @ 12 Noon PDT or just hop on over to my YouTube channel and look for the live video (should be right at the top).

- The replay will be available on my YouTube channel if you aren't able to make the live event.

Why I'm doing this:

There is something wonderfully relaxing about flipping through old magazines and chatting and laughing.

Laughter is medicine! Never underestimate the power of laughter to help you heal and relax. So let's get together and vision board....the wrong way!!!
"The sun is only tricking one to go outside so that one can be swarmed with allergens!!! Blast the trickery of Nature!!!"

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