The Power of Surrender cards

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The Power of Surrender cards

Post by Belinda2 » 30 Jul 2018, 01:45

The power of surrender cards By Judith Orloff MD
Surrendered to the divine art of letting go and get the billeted to flow instead of clinching, obsessing over controlling. You can use these 52 cards as oracles to empower your choices in relationships. By consulting this deck and accompanying instructions booklets, you'll be able to create the most positive future as much as possible and learn not to sabotage yourself. This cards or alive with magic and spirits use as your personal companion to help deepen your connection to your inner into Wishon and the divine.
This deck comes with a small pamphlet this is from the following: how to use the cards
1 relax and center yourself
2. How is the deck and connect with it
3. Shuffle the deck
4. Pose the question about surrender
5. Absorb the Card's message
6. apply the cards message your life

These cards are nice big cards very shiny, thick card stock each card as says Surrender to ............ and talks about cards theme. For example, one card surrender to your full power, says on the bottom " Your life is calling for you to step in to your full power rather than playing small."
I love the back of the cards The sun breaking through new day, so beautiful.
I love to puta Card on my miniature easel so I can contemplate the card for that day.


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