Le Petit Romani - Marseille Miniature Tableau Spread

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Le Petit Romani - Marseille Miniature Tableau Spread

Post by Charlie Brown » 07 Aug 2018, 01:24

3x3 “Petit Romani” TdM Tableau

This spread is my personal miniaturization of the 21-card (7 x 3) Romany spread. It is meant to be read with either a full tarot deck or the minors only. So far, I have only used it for general readings, but I see no reason that it couldn’t address a specific question.

Rows 1 - 3: Past, Present, and Future
Column 1: The Querent and/or Interior Aspects
Column 2: Relationships, exchanges, etc. between the interior and the exterior
Column 3: The Outside World and/or Exterior Aspects

These are general guidelines. Additionaly other normal techniques of tableau reading can be applied as necessary. For example, the fact that one card is immediately on top of another may be more significant than the first card’s row/column position. In a tableau this small, however, I anticipate that such issues will be minimal. Readers who are familiar with Lenormand will understand all this.

Here is an actual reading (with a very brief summary) I did with this spread. Feedback from the querent says that the reading was highly accurate. The deck was minors only.


First notice that court cards appear in each row of the first column. Awesomely, we’re getting a portrait of the querent over three stages of life.

In the past, we see the querent primed for success as he raced forth into his new ventures. He was racing towards success and the world was in harmony with his will (6 of Wands).

In the present, we can see that things didn’t proceed so well. The knight has been diminished to a page and that big coin looks a lot smaller now. The six of cups in the center followed by the five of cups suggests a dissonance. The querent is trying to emotionally reconcile himself (6 of cups) to emotionally fraught circumstances (5 of cups).

In the future, things can turn around. This will require a change of elemental orientation, however, by embracing wands/fire energy rather than the swords/coins complex that he’s worked with up to now. The right diagonal (6-6-King) further affirms that this will be a fruitful position.
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