II The High Priestess

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II The High Priestess

Post by HeKatesXing » 09 Nov 2018, 20:41


We see a Woman, a very sexual woman, who seems to own her power, She brings a sense of Sacredness to the moment, she sees what lies hidden within herself and within the realms of The Spirit, she can commune with the Divine, seek the truth, even when others try to hide it.. She finds herself able to know when to speak, share the messages and knows when it is time to be silent, to keep quiet..
For me I find this card comes up when the truth must be revealed, when things are not what they appear on the surface.. It also reveals the Querant is connecting to their Inner Witchery, inner Magick on many levels, through Rituals and through their own inner energy that create Magick within their own life .... They connect to the Ancient Texts, through the Ancient Knowledge that is learnt from Books. They connect and bring things into fruition, by being Within the Moonlight .. understanding and knowing the Moon's Phases, understanding her Cycles, when she is Waning and Waxing, when she is Full and when she appears hidden... She appears to have an understanding that may seen a little unusual to others, may seem to be a little out of this world, so to speak ... She sees what was, what is and what may happen through a variety of Divination Tools - including herself awakening to what can not be seen by the naked eye.

I have been reading The Dream Oracle and have found some interesting info I thought I might share in regards to this card ...

Crescent Moon- Understanding her own sense of being..
Cross- This speaks of balance between any two polarities..
Flowing Robe- this hides what she already knows, changes become water-like, highlighting power and emotion ....
Headdress- Acknowledges her connection to the Moon- Maiden, Mother and Crone .... (Three aspects we merge within as Women )
On the Pillars B and J, Bosaz (Feminine Principle) and Joachim (Masculine Principle) ...
The Scroll Signifies the Ancient Knowledge
Tora- her own Spiritual truth ....
Veil - Knowledge, learning, wisdom, victory and fruitfulness (decorated with palms and pomegranates)
This Conceals the mysteries of those joys yet to come.

Extra Info :
Element Water
Planet The Moon
Numerology- 2, Signifying duality, fluctuation between two polarities.
Deities:- Luna/Selene, Veritas, Fides, Themis, Ma'at.
Keywords- Consciousness, Change, Fluctuation
Related Concepts- Sophia as the principal of Wisdom, She is the root essence of consciousness of the flow, direction and energy of vibration ...

There is so much ,, what does this card mean to you? When do you find it comes up in a reading? What does it Signify for the Querant ?

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