Decks related to Cultures

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Decks related to Cultures

Post by HeKatesXing » 09 Nov 2018, 22:36

Asian Oracle Astrological Chinese Ladies
Hanafuda used for Divination
Sushi Appreciation Cartomancy Deck
Tarot Chinese Tarot
Golden Dragon Tarot

Celtic / Plus Norse Futhark Runes
Viking Oracle
Celtic Plant Oracle
Ogham Oracle
Ogham Stave Oracle
Tarot Celtic Tarocchi
Celtic Tarot (Majors Only deck)
Forest Folklore
Northern Shadows

Egyptian Oracle Isis Oracle
Tarot Ancient Egyptian
Ramses tarot of the Eternity
Gypsy Cartomancy
Lenormand (see Lenormand Post )
Tarot Buckland's Gypsy Tarot

Native American Oracle Native American Oracle
Sacred Path Cards
Shamanic Medicine Cards
Tarot Native American tarot (Magda Weck Gonales )
Crows Magic Tarot
Medicine Woman Tarot
Vision Quest Tarot

New Zealand Oracle NZ Fairy Oracle
Wisdom of the Four Winds

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