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Post here for any spiritual chat including your spirit guides, meditations, mantras ect.
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Post by Jo Ann » 25 Nov 2018, 21:10

I have decided that my spirituallity is actually my overwhelming sense of curiosity and the "in awe" factor. Those things are the wonderous things in my life. Especially Gaia, Luna, geology, and physics. And I am so glad we found the "Higgs boson" or what some people wrongly refer to as the God particle before I died. I didn't think we would. But I knew it had to exist, because matter and mass would not be if it where not for the Higgs boson. Anyway it is the substance that holds particles of mass together. We would not have bodies if it where not for the Higgs boson. We wouldn't have any mass made of multiple particles without it. It gives particles mass. That was amazing, will never forget that day.
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