What's your current favourite crystal?

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Re: What's your current favourite crystal?

Post by theFeeLion » 09 Sep 2018, 03:53

Tanga wrote: Ahh - I feel a photo coming on to post here.
I will photo my 2 pieces of Astrophyllite tomorrow.
Ooo I’d love to see photos!
Tanga wrote: Here is my main Altar with:
A large smokey Quartz point (black. It sat it the shop for 2 years whilst I oohed over it every time
I went in - finally bought it).
Behind it is an oval Obsidian mirror polished by the vendor himself after acquiring it on one of his gem forays abroad (from Jubilee market in Central London). To the far left an Obsidian skull, and the odd shaped 2 pieces to the right of the large crystal point are volcanic lava and black Tourmaline.
There's a tiny howling black Onyx wolf at the front.
The 2 pieces that look streaky brown - are Tiger Iron/Muggle stone.
White and silver - Sphalerite.
The White ball is Selenite and her name is Bianca Neive (Snow White).
That smokey quartz point is beautiful!
What a powerful piece that mirror is too!

Ok, I need some of that Sphalerite in my life lol that fits exactly with what I have issues with now I just have to find a piece or two and the cash to get it with...

I love that your selenite sphere has a name ooo I bet you’d love my desert rose, it’s rather egg shaped and always make me think of a dragon’s egg
Tanga wrote: Looked up Itzpapalotl - :icon_e_biggrin: Kick-Ass Lady!
Ha! Yes she is lol!
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